Homeland Security part 24: Randy.
The Gryphon Dropshadow: Hunted Varangian Guard UFO The Collector
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Senses-Shattering Agitainment Bulletins!
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Monday — September 10th, 2012

Homeland Security part 24: Randy.

Where did Randy go? Find out more in the next pulse-pounding episode!

Next Monday – HOMELAND SECURITY part 25: Randy!

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ITEM! Rick in the Gutters

No, he’s not sleeping on the streets. In fact, Rick’s spending way more time than normal in his studio every night. Then why the cryptic headline, you ask?

Well, besides the buckets of sweat he’s been pouring into the Dropshadow story you’ve been enjoying above (and we mean this literally — he makes his ink out of sweat!), he still finds time to contribute his talents (and ink) to other projects.

Now you can see one of Rick’s dalliances with a little webcomic called…wait for it…The Gutters. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a parody, folks!

ITEM! Agitainment.Comics hits 100

Pages, that is.

We here at Agitainment.Comics are proud that our online comics anthology now features over 100 pages of awesome original comics. …READ MORE »

ITEM! AIGA/LA presents A Comics Panel

Agitainment Comics artist, writer, and bon vivant, Rick Ross, will be featured in A Comics Panel, a discussion of the relationship between comics and graphic design, sponsored by AIGA Los Angeles, the professional association for design.

A Comics Panel: Exploring the Connection Between Comics and Graphic Design.


ITEM! U.F.O. Honored by Project Fanboy

Late last year, our retro sci-fi epic “U.F.O.” was nominated for Best Webcomic by The Project Fanboy Awards. Though sadly we didn’t take home top prize (presented at MegaCon in Orlando), we were frankly tickled pink to be considered one of the nine best comics on the web for 2009. …READ MORE »

ITEM! Stan and Jess Live

After many months of development, the weekly webcartoon Stan and Jess is now live.

New cartoons publish every Thursday, and you can read it in the column at the right. You can also click on the image to navigate to the Stan and Jess home page where you can read a larger version. …READ MORE »

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