Agitainment Comics Submissions

The Great Explorers Guild Talent Search

Can you draw in the style of The Explorers Guild? Are you an already established or up-and-coming professional comics penciler or inker? Can you produce superlative work on deadline without fuss? If so, we might just be looking for you to work with us on future projects

Here’s what you’ll need to do:


Pencilers should be able to show penciled pages that display a command of sequential storytelling, a mastery of figure drawing, and, ideally, the ability to work comfortably in the style of The Explorers Guild. A sample page of pencils from The Explorers Guild can be seen here for reference.


Inkers should be able to show inked pages, preferably done with traditional dip pens, that display an understanding of figure drawing and a command of line and its use in creating form. An original page of pencils in blueline form from The Explorers Guild can be downloaded here if you wish to have a template to ink over.

Submission Process

Please email a link from your online portfolio to:

submissions (at) agitainment (dot) com

DO NOT include any attachments! Links only.

Good luck and keep drawing!