Tesla Poster

Next Screening:  The WORLD PREMIERE of Tesla will be Friday, April 23, 2021 at the 51st annual USA Film Festival in Dallas, Texas (where it is both an Official Selection and a finalist in the International Short Film and Video Competition). It will screen as part of the Comedic Short Films program at 7:00pm in the Angelika Film Center. Tickets are *free* and the public may reserve tickets beginning Friday, April 16th by calling 214-821-6300. Walk-up tickets are *not* available. For more information see usafilmfestival.com and facebook.com/usafilmfestival. Spread the word!

Synopsis: Tesla is a comedy about listening. It’s the colorful tale of an earnest engineering student forced to take desperate action in order to make herself heard by her agonizingly masculine downstairs neighbor…who may or may not be playing the loud music that’s keeping her awake at night. The film is an ironic look at what happens when men refuse to listen to women and ultimately makes an appeal for us all to stop assuming and just listen. Starring Christy St. John , Nick Theurer, and Kimia Behpoornia.

RICK ROSS is an award-winning filmmaker and New York Times Best Selling graphic novelist. He has directed more than 20 film and television projects including the award-winning Backslide, starring Felicia Day (Mystery Science Theater 3000), which the American Cinematheque named one of the eight best comedy shorts of the year. Working with Academy Award-winning producer Kevin Costner, Rick co-created the graphic novel The Explorers Guild, published by Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, which became a New York Times Best-Seller for Print Hardcover Fiction. Rick holds an MFA from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and teaches directing and screenwriting at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, California.

CHRISTY ST. JOHN is a mechanical engineer turned actress, so she knows what she’s talking about when she warns “Never mess with an engineer!” Recent credits include sorority girl Allie Vanlandingham in HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, girl-next-door Susie in The Christmas Chronicles 2 starring Kurt Russell, scientist Elle in Twitch’s Emmy-award winning Artificial, ditzy waitress Karen in Bounce TV’s In The Cut, femme fatal Zoe Brody in Blackpills’s Duels, bitch Mary Alice in CW’s I Ship It, and type-A Chelsea (who just wants to get to her interview) in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Interview, which she also co-wrote.

NICK THEURER started as a sponsored skateboarder and found his creative background in video broadcasting in Georgia. His knowledge behind the camera is parallel to his passion for being in front of it. Outside of producing the award winning horror film Slapface (Dan Hedaya, August Matruo) and From the Bridge (Gene Simmons, Stan Lee), Nick has starred in The Bay (Kristos Andrews, Mary Beth Evans) and Deceit (Nick Theurer, Jessica Lynn Parsons).

KIMIA BEHPOORNIA is an actress and writer, known for Atypical (2017), Abby’s (2019) and Modern Family (2009).


  • Project Type: Movie
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Running time: 9 minutes 30 seconds
  • Format: Digital, color