America: It's your time to shine.


America: It’s Your Time To Shine is the new poster from Rick Ross. And just in time for the 2016 Presidential debates! Download your free copy below and share it online or print it out and share it in person.

Why have I made this poster, you may ask?

Well, over the last year, I’ve spoken to many friends and family members about the political climate of our country. Across the board, from conservative to progressive, the vast majority are astounded that someone like Donald Trump could ever have become the Republican nominee for president.

Given his provocative and outlandish remarks, his waffling, his outright lies, most still can’t believe he remains a viable candidate. And as a result, a number of lifelong Republicans I know won’t even vote in this election and feel helpless about the state of their party. Many progressives I know see his dangerous demagoguery as a threat to our freedoms and feel helpless about the state of our country.

It has been the responsibility of artists throughout the ages to search for truth–in nature, in humanity, in art itself–and to represent that truth back to their own age and culture. Sometimes the effort is met with acclaim, sometimes with hostility. But an artist, to be true to their calling, must speak.

As such, I can no longer stand by while a demagogue seeks to undermine our country. So I’ve re-imagined the poster I originally created to shed light on the injustices committed against the poor and vulnerable, and have given it a more pointed message, to wit:

We are all vulnerable if Donald Trump rises to the office of President!

If you agree that a Trump presidency would be disastrous and no longer feel you can remain silent, then I urge you to share this poster online.

If you want to print it out, here are links to posters in 9″x12″ and 18″x24″ (right-click the image that comes up to save to your computer). Put it on your fridge. Put it in your windows. Put it up in your yard. But for heaven’s sake, do not remain silent.

Because one way or another, it’s your time to shine!

Wall Street Says: AMERICA it's your time to shine

I Found a Man Eating From the Garbage — This Was My Response

Walking home from the grocery store this week, I found a man in a wheelchair eating from a garbage can on a busy street. Horrified in the face of such misery, I shared my food with the man and walked on, overcome by anger and guilt.

I chastised myself for not doing more, and I wondered: How could a man in a country as rich as ours come to this? And what else could I–one lone individual–do?

For a problem as complex as homelessness, the answers can be difficult to see. But I saw without question one thing I can do:


In this election year, I will be voting for representatives who pledge to reclaim our country from those who have bent it for their own greed.

So I created this poster as an expression of my anger…but also of my hope that together we can take steps to alleviate the suffering caused to so many by so few.

Rick Portrait

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